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PGSG – Bens palm green sand green is now in the UK

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

img_1124Bens palm green sand green is now in the UK.

Arrived safely by shipping and back to Birmingham By Avon Autos

His bus has gone Straight to His Uncle Stuarts for intensive welding and upgraded suspension to be able to drive. He will then have a Fellows Speed Shop steering conversion, a Fellows Speed Shop Brake disc conversion and of course a Fellows Speed Shop Subaru Engine Conversion.

All will be detailed and customised to a high spec

So watch this space

Bustypes 2016

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

img_1118 img_1132 img_1133Fellows Speed Shop will be showing on the Sunday with our own busses with Subaru Engine Conversions and also fitted some of our new Brake Disc Conversions

Hopeing for a sunny weekend and pleanty of engine talk

Tatton Park VW Festival 2016

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

img_1130 img_1131Tatton Park is a Favourite of Fellows Speed shop.

We had a brilliant weekend and also brilliant weather.

Always great to see customers from the North at this show and some of our Favourite customers Emma and Ant showing on the stand their Beetle Subaru Engine Conversion. One of our first and still looking incredible. Emma and Ant also have a puck and a bay window which they travel in every weekend to some part of the UK.

Also great to see Martin in his Bay window with a Subaru Engine Conversion detailed in Blue and also Stuart with a Full Subaru Conversion a Fellows SPEEDSHOP Steering Rack conversion and also Fellows Speed Shop Brake Disc Conversion. Stuart also has a full suspension upgrade so this bus will be one to see at the shows and a great specimen

We will have 3 Subaru Engine Conversions on the stand and in a new position on the field overlooking the show and shine.. Wow some incredible VW to see and photos can be seen on Tatton Park facebook page.

The organisers of Tatton Park focus the show around the Show and Shine and is brilliantly run and some fantastic Vehicles and stands to see

always a good one see you next year

Weekend Tinkering

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Once the workshop was closed officially this weekend, our attention turned to helping a good friend out finish his 65 beetle.

Various little bits needed finishing. Engine installing, fuel lines, Gearbox clearancing, some wiring and a few other odds and sods.

Here are a few pics. The car is now for sale too. Its a 1965 UK RHD sea blue beetle. 1600, slammed and narrowed with an asking price of £5000 on brand new BBT Steel Sprints. Or slightly less on smoothies. for more info, pics and contact details.