Staff Profiles

img_1125Fellows Speed Shop Team.


In 2012 Perry and Dave set up the Speed Shop, until May 2015 when Dave resigned from the business. Perry continues to date to make the family business run successfully. After re-building our unit, Perry started on two other projects a brake disc conversion and a steering conversion; these have been test driven in the teams own vans for two years, in order to make upgrades and modifications where necessary.

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Perry Fellows

perry pic

The Boss:

After 30 Years as a civil engineer, in construction. He retired to take on the Speed shop full time. In 2005 Perry took on his first VW Project with his son Ben. They brought a panel van from Rick of Schofields and stripped it to bear metal, then began buying parts and re-building it to show and shine standard. During the project build, Perry started producing parts for his Subaru conversion and has been reviewing these and making improvements every year to date; to ensure they remain the best on the market.

Ben Fellows

ben pic

The talented one:

Since the age of 12, Ben has been developing his knowledge of VW’s; when in 2005 he purchased his first project a 1970’s Beetle in order to get to school. Ben and Perry were also working on their panel van project. Trained as a sound engineer and professional drummer in his own band, he was then employed by Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers; where he built on his love for VW’s, with Angie and Pete. Since the business began Ben has been working there full-time building Subaru engine conversions.



Colin Pace

colin pic
Air cooled specialist since age 12

Colin has loved VW’s since childhood. He has a vast knowledge of vintage VW’s and their parts and is a specialist when it comes to the air-cooled type. Colin works with Perry running the operations of the workshop on a day to day basis. He also runs the #RSVP group, helping other VW fanatics and appreciating and keeping the originality of projects. He is a family man with his whole family involved in his projects.



Paul Pace

paul pic
Air cooled specialist #RSVP :

Brother of Colin, Paul also has a great passion for Vintage VW’s, specifically slammed and lowered originals. Also a member of #RSVP and a big family man; with the whole family joining him at events. Paul started at the Speed Shop in April 2015, with a wealth of air-cooled knowledge, to make the Fellows Speed Shop team complete. Paul works on a variety of projects and is chief mechanic for the ‘Kuble’ project; one of three of the oldest VW’s in the country.



Josh Perry

josh pic
Tea Boy and Engine Apprentice:

Josh joined the Speed Shop in early 2015, where he flourished as part of the team. He strips and cleans the engines, Josh has gained his VW knowledge from all the boys in the workshops and attends all of the shows. He purchased his first VW at the age of 17 as a project. This is an ongoing project which he is using his knowledge from the Speed Shop to develop on weekends. He also has a passion for BMX and Skateboarding – perhaps another vocation if he was able to remain upright!!




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All the other stuff:

Carolyn Fellows and (Niece) Becca are the perfect combination of finance and IT skills. Carolyn has 25 Years experience in book keeping and Becca’s teaching qualification; and of course family.