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Barndoor in our midst

Monday, December 16th, 2013

A few weeks back Dave acquired his new bus. A 1955 Barndoor Kombi. Whats particularly rare/unusual about this bus is that it has rear wind up and down windows. The windows look factory fit and it is believed that they were either done by VW themselves or a VW dealer as a period modification. The window mechanisms are all contemporary to the bus and sourced from a Oval window beetle. Odd and very cool!

Heres a few pics from the day he collected it from Matt Smith in Cornwall and a little video of the RSVP driving it home.

Making its 2014 debut at the Volksworld show next year. Watch this space.

Video here ……. Barndoor Collection Day

The Workshop Hack…..

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

We have been talking about it for a while, we need a shop truck. Something that we can actually use to haul parts around as well as test and promote new products with and on.

With that in mind at the end of the summer we acquired this awesome and heavily patina’d RHD crew cab. It had been built buy our good friend Paul Pace and when we heard it was for sale it had to be ours!

In stock form the trusty wagon eventually got Ben & Emma to EBI and back but finally gave up the ghost a few weeks after. Engine was tired and shot so the planning began.

We have decided to shoehorn the motor from a heavily modified STI into our crappy old bus 😀

The engine is in fantastic shape despite being filthy, it is a much newer engine than the model of car we stole it from and appears judging by the masses of receipts to have had a lot of work done to it. In the Subaru it self this thing is crazy fast!

Then on to the fun bit strengthening the bus itself. Despite its looks the crew cab is very solid underneath but will need heavy modification to the underside to stop it twisting and braking.

The engine will be mated to a soon to be fully rebuilt Porsche G50 5 speed box. A great buy that came with a brand new clutch which I didn’t think that much of till I googled it! £700!!! ha!

And thats about where we are at the moment. More updates very soon!

Staff Cars – Ben’s collection…..

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Ben is lucky enough to have a few VW’s, first off a 69 bug project. It used to be his daily driver but was taken off the road for a full resto and as is often the case when you work on other peoples cars for a living your own projects get pushed back to the bottom of the pile. Hopefully 2013 will see it return to the road.

Currently awaiting a little more metalwork…

Not one to shy away from a project this is his new bus and company shop truck!! a 1960 Texan import Single cab

a couple of weeks ago a customer popped into to see us in his new toy! what a car! How great is the contrast between the two!! Engine swap?? 😉

After finishing prep for Dubfreeze on Sunday he found a little time to start fixing some of the many rust issues! Todays challenge the sills! More updates on more progress soon!