Engine Conversions

Get some extra horses in your Volkswagen

We specialise in replacing air-cooled engines for a modern flat 4 water-cooled Subaru engine.

We use Subaru engines because they have the same flat four configuration as a Volkswagen engine and are therefore an ideal fit and minimal modification is required.

An engine conversion will offer more reliability, better fuel economy, the option of a heater and a lot more power. No longer will you have to take a run up for hills!

We offer a full range of engine options to suit all driving needs and budgets. Ranging from 2.0ltr, 2.5ltr and turbo installs, Full drive in drive out conversions as well as individual parts and full DIY kits.

Conversion options

  1. Your first option is an EJ20 (2.0ltr) Subaru Engine conversion. This takes approximately 2-3 weeks. The engine will be fully serviced. In addition we will strip and clean the outside of the engine block and powder coat the detailed areas (rocker covers, pulley wheels, mounting brackets etc) in black. This conversion in a Splitscreen or Bay Window costs is £7000.00 plus VAT. (we supply many optional extras as seen on quotations). Gearbox upgrades are not included in the cost. Your standard gearbox will be more than adequate unless you’re planning to do a lot of long motorway drives or drag racing! We also offer Gearbox upgrades – email for a full quotation. Our EJ20 Subaru Engine Conversion can be fitted in VW Splitscreen campers and also VW Bay window busses.  We also fit Subaru Engine conversions in T25 at at cost of £6000.00 + vat. (cheaper as we don’t need a radiator and use a different exhaust) You may need a fuel injection tank unless already fitted.
  2. Not available now sorry .Your second option is an EJ22 (2.2ltr) conversion. The servicing and detailing is identical to the standard conversion. There are a few additional extras required when fitting a larger capacity engine, such as a higher torque starter motor and a more expensive cam-belt kit and water pump. This conversion costs £6200.00 plus VAT.
  3. Your third option is an EJ25 (2.5ltr) conversion. Again, the same servicing and detailing is provided. These engines are more expensive to source and also as with the EJ22 servicing consumables like the cam-belt kits are more expensive. 2.5 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Additional extras

  • We offer various add-ons to your conversion. These include powder coating and/or silicone hoses in a colour of your choice, polishing the water pipes, detailing of the inlet manifolds and even a fully polished stainless exhaust. The conversion can be as dressed or subtle as you wish! Please request a full quotation for all extras.
  • We recommend the use of a stage 1 performance replacement clutch although you can run with a standard clutch pressure plate if you wish. The cost of a fitted stage 1 plus friction plate is £220 plus VAT.
  • The last and most significant extra is a Subaru Heater. For most customers a heater is a valued extra, making use of the Subaru water matrix. This costs £375 plus VAT for the rear and £250 + VAT to the font of the vehicle. Or you could have it piped under the cab floor and through the original vents at the front.
  • All optional extras will be available if you email: info@fellowsspeedshop.com for a full quotation.
  • All other Classic Volkswagen Air cooled maintenance and repairs can be quoted for too.






 Bay Window





Engine CC







Colour Detailing





Silicon Hose Colour









Polished Stainless Steel Pipes




 Polished Stainless Steel

Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust




 Polished Stainless Steel





 Stage 1


 Stage 2



 No Heater





Your engine price: £

plus VAT

Information coming soon!

If you fancy having ago at doing a Subaru conversion yourself? We offer a comprehensive DIY install kit to make the job a little easier.

As part of the kit you receive every major component required to get your Volkswagen running under Subaru power. Aluminium radiator & Scoop, adaptor plate and flywheel, wiring harness ( exchange ), full stainless steel exhaust system, header tank etc etc and not forgetting the little stuff too! Every, nut bolt washer and jubilee clip is also included. For those interested in the kit we also recommend a trip down to the workshop where we can talk you through the installation process.

EJ20 kits are £5200 plus VAT

EJ25 kits are – no longer available